Photo: "House of Tang Yan of the woman the world" Television series Na Liu Ping and her daughter played file

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Photo: "House of Tang Yan of the woman the world" Television series Na Liu Ping and her daughter played file Television series, Na Liu Ping wonderful stills

LOS ANGELES writer Chen thirteen authored by the devil, is directed by famous director Zhang Xiao costume historical drama <<House of Tang Yan of the woman the world>> tells the wonderful story of Empress Wu in his later years. Play the pull shot wind entertainment spend, together Kara Hui, Television series , Kou Zhenhai, Liuting Yu, Kristy Yang, Annie Liu, Na Liu Ping, Luo Dahua, Lee Seung-Hyun, Chen Xiuli and other domestic and foreign well-known actor in the play pull the old drama of bone Television series with the wind's cutting-edge entertainment Na Liu Ping actress played a pair of alternative mother and daughter.

Wei played Television series drama, she with Wu Sansi (Kou Zhenhai decorated) a control affairs of state, powerful character( Na Liu Wei played Ping An Legong after the daughter of Lord, An Legong main harbor to save the ideal world, would like to turn the tide with their own power, sprouted Diamond. derived from many wonderful stories.

Shaoxing origin Television series drama the audience recognized the old bone, she had successfully created a lot of lovely woman, but without losing the powerful and lovely interpretation of Wei, the indeed very much at home, while recently because of 'harem>> the excellent interpretation of the Ling Qiqiao corner of the Na Liu Ping, played in the play An Legong Lord. An Legong main character is somewhat complex, on the one hand she could not understand the affairs of state corruption, the reality of chaos temple, you want to set things right by virtue of imperial power, on the other hand that ends justify means. Na Liu Ping said An Legong main character contrasts this role, figure out a good performance measured is most critical, but also to do more homework the old movie actor Qi bone and cutting-edge efforts to <<House of Tang Yan of the woman the world>> add an arm, I believe the play set give the audience a new experience.

It is reported, together Michelle, Han Li Tailan, Patrick Tam, Jiang Yi, Zhejiang TV, a small artistes Iraq, Ni Qimin, Muting Ting, Wang Gang and other small pull-style entertainment stars Another masterpiece <<prisoner>> Wuxi film base is hot shooting. Instant News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.