Photo: "House of Tang Yan of the woman the world" Television series Na Liu Ping and her daughter played file

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Photo: "House of Tang Yan of the woman the world" Television series Na Liu Ping and her daughter played file Television series, Na Liu Ping wonderful stills

LOS ANGELES writer Chen thirteen authored by the devil, is directed by famous director Zhang Xiao costume historical drama <<House of Tang Yan of the woman the world>> tells the wonderful story of Empress Wu in his later years. Play the pull shot wind entertainment spend, together Kara Hui, Television series , Kou Zhenhai, Liuting Yu, Kristy Yang, Annie Liu, Na Liu Ping, Luo Dahua, Lee Seung-Hyun, Chen Xiuli and other domestic and foreign well-known actor in the play pull the old drama of bone Television series with the wind's cutting-edge entertainment Na Liu Ping actress played a pair of alternative mother and daughter.

Wei played Television series drama, she with Wu Sansi (Kou Zhenhai decorated) a control affairs of state, powerful character( Na Liu Wei played Ping An Legong after the daughter of Lord, An Legong main harbor to save the ideal world, would like to turn the tide with their own power, sprouted Diamond. derived from many wonderful stories.

Shaoxing origin Television series drama the audience recognized the old bone, she had successfully created a lot of lovely woman, but without losing the powerful and lovely interpretation of Wei, the indeed very much at home, while recently because of 'harem>> the excellent interpretation of the Ling Qiqiao corner of the Na Liu Ping, played in the play An Legong Lord. An Legong main character is somewhat complex, on the one hand she could not understand the affairs of state corruption, the reality of chaos temple, you want to set things right by virtue of imperial power, on the other hand that ends justify means. Na Liu Ping said An Legong main character contrasts this role, figure out a good performance measured is most critical, but also to do more homework the old movie actor Qi bone and cutting-edge efforts to <<House of Tang Yan of the woman the world>> add an arm, I believe the play set give the audience a new experience.

It is reported, together Michelle, Han Li Tailan, Patrick Tam, Jiang Yi, Zhejiang TV, a small artistes Iraq, Ni Qimin, Muting Ting, Wang Gang and other small pull-style entertainment stars Another masterpiece <<prisoner>> Wuxi film base is hot shooting.

ompetition organizing committee, 'this competition adhering to the' fair, just and open 'principle, designed to create mass stars, for the extraordinary achievements of public star dream, by the people across the country broad participation and support, we hope that through this contest so that more children involved, it also hope that more people are concerned about this competition(Entertainment News '

eters, the average price is 6800 yuan / square meter, discounted price in 6300 yuan / square meter.

Project Profile: Hing Square is located in Murray Road and Nanjing Jiangbei maker Ge Guan Road Interchange, adjacent to the central transport hub Tong Ge, in addition to the existing Yu Ge, Ge salt, sixth, more than 10 bus lines, the future light rail Line 11 from the project in close proximity, travel transportation is very convenient. Jiangbei area surrounding the project in addition to the largest and most comprehensive facilities in Jiangbei People's Hospital and the highest grade of the Yangtze giant area hotels, schools, banks, supermarkets, shopping streets and leisure Square and Jacuzzis, daily life fully met. to the Group's investment project by Xinghua, Jiangsu Xinghua Real Estate Development Co., planned land area of ??about 67,000 square meters, total construction area of ??about 170,000 square meters, of which the North in part by six blocks of residential high-rise and three high-level composition, construction area of ??about 62,000 square meters, floor area ratio of about 1.76, South Block covers office buildings, hotels, and shopping, entertainment and leisure is equal to an integrated commercial plaza, building area of ??approximately 11.3 million square meters, floor area ratio of about 3.49 the project will become the first set of regional manufacturers of residential, office and commercial complex of large cities, will also be a Ge Tong Park in a beautiful landscape.

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oduction of the scene and the promulgation of the process so towering waves, soul-stirring, hand carried forward Korean culture, it also once again full of the history of King Sejong the image of an enlightened ruler's authority, if the origin of Chinese Phonetic Alphabet can be made into a similar work, we will feel proud of and proud of it? is particularly worth mentioning is Lee is that the writer obviously thoughtful problem-solving games, in <<Wind Painter>> and once had to use four lines to three lines of three nine-point link the exam, and in this time of << big tree deep-rooted>> in King Sejong is simply fascinated by the digital square, from the third-order to fifth order, until that he fails to grasp the thirty third-order, see the audience also had a similar numbers game interest.

In large areas, <<a large deep-rooted tree>> Zhang He starred as the character but humble role of angular, but also can not help but put this show and previous <<push slave 'link. With <<push the slave>> as <<a large deep-rooted tree>> is through the imperial power, the system is quite dissatisfied with little description, reflecting the different classes of that era were different attitudes of the same thing, or even no intersection between them, but their developing their clues. text for Emperor Sejong, is a shortcut to save the people in dire straits, with only three hours of learning will be able to read text, 到了那一天 people will voice their promising potential. text, for an attempt to build The secret of this new system, is to subvert and challenge them to enjoy their superior social status, but dissatisfaction with the system of imperial power, they advocate characters have advanced the idea, is conservative and radical, selfish and selfless group of people, while the text for Dan child (Shen Shi Jing ornaments), a small blessing (Zhang He decorated) is such a small population in terms of weapons, is sound, but also their mind. <<big tree deep-rooted>> did not deliberately avoid talking about the Chinese culture, and even play The conservatives defend to the death of Chinese culture and Confucianism in Korea such as the dominance of high society in the promulgation of the Korean word process, there are countless people do this is to make a sacrifice.

Drama worth seeing

<<A large deep-rooted tree>> to be talked about, in addition to the story itself is quite Aspect, the size of the actors' acting is also a major part of the play.

First of all, is the first appearance of the Song Zhongji impressive as 85 after the generation of actors, Song Zhongji in previous works has been spent giving the impression idol male beauty, but in this time of <<big tree deep-rooted> > in short scenes allows people to impressed by his superb acting. the drama, Song Zhongji played young Sejong, to avoid problems from the weak and incompetent, to cheer after awakening, personality changes correct response to the acting, the measured control just right. Taizong and his son in a confrontation with the drama, the surface of the submissive and just the right tough bones very accurate, is very fun to see people.

Second, is the story of actor Jang Hyuk. Complex as a background figure, Zhang He only performed when the gag him as a small little smart, color comedy, but as flesh and blood when he performed bear the deep hatred and dignified, with tragic tone in two such character modes, Zhang He's acting so free conversion, he was more extroverted performances, from lines to physical manifestation of the expression, to the emotional release, it is easy to form a rival actor Biao play feeling.

Finally, King Sejong the Handan Gui playing middle-aged as to send actor actor-level strength, Handan Gui sixteen years has not starred in TV series, so the young audience seemed unfamiliar to him. Play, Handan Gui interpretation of the Sejong will become a swearing prankster lovely enlightened ruler, but for Hunminjeongeum promotion, he performed the dedication and determination of historical figures, including the process of struggle and hesitation, in short, Handan Gui to show the character of King Sejong was very full, And this role is to help him at the end of the Drama Awards beat the pack to win the Grand Prize.

In addition the play also includes the Shen Shi Jing, Jinji Fan, Yi Su-hyok this young actor, they are also have their own audience, and often appear in various television drama in this play the same bone were considerably in addition << large deep-rooted tree>> also shows the characteristics of Korean language easy to learn, interested viewers of the Korean drama will read this confident! (The shadow of the sketch) Instant News, Latest News and Current News from Latest Current News: U.S., China, World, Entertainment, Health, Finance, Business, echnology, Travel, Politics, Sports.